Oxford Archery Training Centre – autumn term 2016

About the centre

Sign up here for the first term of coaching and workshops at the new Oxford Archery training centre, in partnership with ArcheryGB. Unlike other centres, the Oxford centre will deliver more than 20 hours of structured tuition in 9 sessions over an 8 week term – your joining fee gives you access to all of these, and there are no hidden additional costs. The course structure is designed to improve your skills as an archer in four key areas: technique, physical fitness, equipment, and psychological preparedness. At the start of term a thorough assessment will help you set a baseline and your goals for the term, and to help us split you into groups according to your current skills and performance level. This is repeated at the end of term so that you can see how far you have met your goals and to identify areas for further improvement; results will be provided to all archers along with videos of their shooting and other resources on a USB stick.

Archers of all bowstyles and ages are welcome – all we ask is that you have the will and dedication to improve your archery. 


Coach: Antje Frotscher

Development specialist with a proven track record bringing archers from intermediate levels up to competitive standard, coach to Oxford University and Oxford Archers; Antje is also an England international (recurve) and GMB.

Specialist: Nat Merry

Compound and recurve specialist with ten years experience in performance coaching including at Oxford University as head coach, London University, Oxford Archers, and the highly successful Oxfordshire county squad. GMB (compound).

Specialist: Ian Simpson

Performance specialist, former Olympic coach to South Africa and a number of GB internationals and Olympians, including Commonwealth gold medallist Nichola Simpson

Centre assistant: David Timmins

GMB and England international, National series finallist 2014

Termcard (NB all sessions start at 6.30pm prompt, end at 9pm, and are held at the Oxford Archers ground at Oxford RFC, North Hinksey unless otherwise stated)

15 September

Initial assessment day

22 September

Understanding biomechanics

27 September

Bowfit basics – exploring training strategies to improve your strength and endurance for archery

28 September 7pm

Secrets of stabilisation – a special workshop by Graham Weller (Wales Archery) including demonstrations

6 October

Getting the best from your bow – equipment overhaul and tuning

13 October

Technique focus (including video work)

20 October

Approaches to psychology and competition

27 October

End of term assessment

4 November

Single detail WA 70m/50m under the floodlights at Tilsley Park, Abingdon.

How to Register

Tickets are available at Eventbrite – follow this link

Questions? Please contact Nat on nat.merry@gmail.com. Are you a coach or coach candidate and would like to assist at the centre to improve your skills and earn CPD points? Register for the free coach/assistant ticket.

Thursday, 15 September 2016 at 18:30 Friday, 4 November 2016 at 22:00 (BST)
Oxford Archers – North Hinksey Village, Oxford, OX1 5AA

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